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Providing support throughout your project progression.

Business Offerings

Providing proprietary Project Controls, Business Analysis, and Business Continuity/ Disaster Recovery compliance.

We're here to offer the "best in class" Professional Services to get the Project done on time and within budget!

Focus / Resiliance / Communication / Collaboration / Progress / Validation / SUCCESS


Administrative Analysis

Assemble and Develop enterprise-wide project programs.

Project Management

High-level Project
Management Support


Produce and Maintain the 5 phases of Project Management successfully.

Business Continuity
& Disaster Recovery

Assess, Plan, Prepare & Execute Business Continuity operations

Implement disaster recovery steps throughout adversity.

Board Meeting

About Us

Zodiaque Consultants' mission is to strengthen the synergy of projects by ensuring the collaboration, communication, implementation, and validation of value-added task opportunities throughout the Initiation, Planning, Executing, Performance/Monitoring, and Project Close; making improvements and providing benefits thereof. Our center of influence focuses on business needs, quantifiable value, and partnership.

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Our vision is to be a progressive, innovative firm providing the best-in-class project controls at all levels following the life-cycle of the (PMI)Project Management Institute.

"Resilient, professional, successful, positive, and outgoing!  

What a pleasure working with you ALL." 

Lorena Watson

Get In Touch

Ronda Bartee'

Santa Monica, CA 90401

(310) 997-0520

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